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Colorado Wildlife proposed wolf management plan

Colorado wildlife proposed wolf management plan
EAP2 WW052
Research Paper-Final Draft
June 20,2005

Gray Wolves were wiped out in Colorado by the 1930s after ranchers, because two types of wolves once roamed Colorado, the Mexican and gray wolf, but pressure from people resulted in their disappearance from the state. There were only few remnants of Colorado’s native wolf population might be eliminated in the early 1940s, and the federal government reintroduced wolves into some of states, like Idaho, New Mexico in 1990s. After the gray wolf got into the Colorado, there were many conflicts between humans and wolves. For example, gray wolves attacked livestock and ranchers would kill gray wolves whose livestock was killed by gray wolf. There are some people who make up a group that is called “Division of Wildlife (DOW)” to prepare for any future wolf migrations into Colorado. This working group gives us 70 recommendations to deal with between human and gray wolf. One of recommendations told DOW should notify within 72 hours to avoid gray wolf attacking livestock. These recommendations would be carried out for a long time. I will show in this paper how these recommendations should be carried out.

Research Paper
Colorado was once part of the gray wolf’s native range. Wolves were wiped out in Colorado by the 1930s after ranchers, government agents and others shot, trapped and poisoned the predator (Kohler, 2005, para17). The last remnants of Colorado’s native wolf population were almost eliminated in the early 1940s, and the Division of Wildlife receives some reports of sightings every year. There was no evidence said that many animals still alive in Colorado. In September 1989, the Colorado wildlife commission passed a resolution opposing the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado until the state is include in a federal recovery plan, but they decided to bring them back in the 1990s. For example, Defenders of wildlife joined with the U.S.Fish and wildlife service to bring wolves back to Yellowstone and Idaho. The gray wolves are classified as the endangered animals because the amounts of gray wolf are decreasing every year. Nearly a decade later there are once again echo with the howl of wolves. Researchers say dispersing wolves-especially single male wolves can travel long distances. When gray wolves migrate to Colorado from other states, they would attack livestock or other endangered animals on their way. It could be big problems for ranchers that they lost their livestock. They were released on the Yellow Mountain National Park, but the staff didn’t take care of them. So it causes the gray wolves try to attack other endangered animals or livestock. When the gray wolf migrates to the other state, they have to cross the Interstate 70 and were killed by vehicle traffic. So, there is a 14 members panel presented its unanimous recommendations to the Colorado Wildlife Commission (Kohler, 2005, parp2), ask for the state should to monitor the gray wolves tracks. And the state should compensate rancher’s loss what is killed by gray wolves. There are have 70 points try to deal with human and gray wolf problems to avoid more and more troubles. I strongly recommend take we take these three suggestions from these 70 recommendations to probe into wolf could be roam the border, need to be carefully management and give more information about gray wolf for the common people.

According to this article “the 14-member working group was appointed by the Division of Wildlife (DOW) (2004) to develop recommendations on how wolves should be managed if they migrate in to Colorado from other states” (2005). The state should study to determine how migrating wolves should be handled if they go into the state from recovery programs. South of the interstate, wolves are considered endangered (Kohler, 2005, para18). Gray wolves are protected very well because the state is afraid they would get dangerous on the border. Opposite, gray wolves on the north of I-70 in Colorado are threatened and can be shot if found attacking livestock (Kohler, 2005, para17). Therefore, the 14-member working group unanimously agreed on 70 recommendations. We could take three important rules from 70 recommendations. First, “Wolf should be allowed to live without boundaries in suitable habitat in Colorado (2005).” Wolves that migrate into the state should be allowed to roam without border as long as they are not causing problems. If we limited their range, it might make some troubles with wolves. In particular, they would migrate to other state in specific seasons, and they might be across the border to another state. If we limited their route chart, they would take much time to another state to propagate their generation. The animals have rights to roam any places whether America or Canada. We don’t have rights to control their range of life only wolves could be controlled by themselves. When wolves wander outside the permissible territory, they're marked for capture, which has often resulted in injuries, even death, to these critically endangered animals. “To date, more than one-third of wolf removals have been due to the current boundary rule” (2005). Some scientists suggested the government should change the rules to allow wolves to set up route chart the plan boundaries and to allow direct releases of wolves into other state. It might be easily to controlled gray wolf tracks to avoid them disappearance. Because gray wolf becomes endangered animals, we should protect them more seriously now.

Second, “Wolf populations will need to be carefully monitored” (2005). The state should handle wolf tracks. Although wolves are occasionally encountered singly, they usually live in packs. When wolves migrated in Colorado from other states, the state should inform the rancher who own livestock and try to avoid potential problem. If wolves attack the rancher’s livestock, I think the government should indemnify the rancher’s loss. Because they raise their livestock to keep their life, the government should pay their loss. When gray wolves migrated to Colorado from other states, they would be attack livestock or kill of other wildlife. The ranchers would get angry to kill gray wolves because they couldn’t stand wolves attack their livestock which is one of their lives. Oppositely, people who support the gray wolves should be classified endangered because gray wolves will become less and less. Tweit, who wrote an article about a female gray wolf killed by vehicle traffic when this gray wolf tried to cross Interstate 70 west (Tweit, 2004, para1). This is not the first time happen in Colorado. From the statistical, there are many endangered animals were killed by vehicle traffic every year. Highways almost become the grave of animal. As these animals move across the landscape, they encounter obstacles like highways, making Colorado’s roadways more dangerous for people and wildlife. Canada has the same problem with United States. In Canada, they widened the roads, improvement included 22 underpasses placed in natural wildlife travel corridors, plus 8-foot-high fencing along both sides of the road (Tweit, 2005, parp12). So, Colorado should use this example to protect endangered animals life.

The Transportation Department in Colorado preferred adding lanes to the often-clogged highway from above Denver to the Elisenhower Tunnel, including the stretch identified as critical to wildlife movement (Tweit, 2005, para10). But this method might be not the best ideas to decrease the percentage of animal’s death. Actually, it would be more and more traffic happen on the highway. When I went back to Carbondale from Chicago on the highway, I saw many deer was killed by vehicle traffic. I couldn’t open my eyes to watch their bleeding. It wouldn’t be happen in Taiwan because we have fence on both sides of highway. Nowadays, more and more states are attaching importance to figure out which policy is beneficial for animal and avoid they are dying on the highway. For example, “the wildlife bridge and underpasses on I-90, which would be a first of Washington, are being cheered for helping animals and people by avoiding collisions between the two (Siffler, 2005, para4).” It would might be very interesting plan how the government lead the animals to the bridge. They plan to guide animals over the freeway using a natural-looking, vegetated land bridge (Siffler, 2005, para15). The state of government decorates green grass full of the bridge to attract the animals which they try to walk the bridge across the highway and fences would be built to help funnel the animals toward the bridges. Research shows the creatures seem to learn where the passages are and use them more often (Siffler, 2005, para17). The state of government will be successful on the project and reduce percentages of animals died.

Third, “The DOW should develop a well-coordinated information and education effort to reduce the risk for wolf-human conflicts (2005).” The DOW should evaluate the positive and negative inspection about gray wolf and share this information into management. The ranchers would get this information to realize what gray wolf reality life and try to accept them. It might be reduce the rancher kill gray wolves when wolves attack their livestock. The teacher could tell the students how the gray wolf is and students could go back to home tell their parents. In the past, the rancher didn’t care about the gray wolf, because they think wolves were evil that could eat all their livestock. So, it caused the ranchers killed gray wolf to decrease their quantity. Nowadays, the government shares more and more information about wolf to raise the percentage of acceptance to the ranchers. A new federal court makes some rules of gray wolf and it said “any of the animals wandering into Colorado full protection of the Endangered Species Act (Kohler, 2005, para1).” It means any of the animals enter the Colorado the ranchers can’t shoot them even if they attack livestock. In other words, the ranchers will fell uncomfortable about gray wolf come back the Colorado, and worry about that wolves would attack their livestock again. The government should make a plan when opens the state to the return of the wolves, but provides compensation to ranchers who might lose livestock to wolves. It could reduce some problems that wolves made, and satisfy the rancher loss. The government also considered ranchers life, unless in a very dangerous situation that you could shoot the gray wolves to protect your life.

Ranchers think slowing down releases would give the program time to get a better handle on the number of wolves in the wild. Ranchers believe there are 100 or more wolves in the wild, while the program estimates the population at 51-56, plus an unknown number of populations born this spring (Soussan, 2005, para25). However, environmentalists want fewer rules on the program that ranchers have complained about wild wolves. Wolves have also generated about $40 million in extra revenue for Yellowstone National Park, where people travel to see and hear the wolves (Kohler, 2005, para23). Even if the gray wolf attacked rancher's livestock, the government could make some business from the gray wolf. Because the gray wolf was classified endangered animals, so it could attract people to see what the gray wolf is. It sounds like gray wolf could promote tourism in Colorado. The tourists come to Colorado to see the gray wolf, they could also buy some native products who made it from their livestock. It is one of opportunities for the ranchers to earn the money from tourists. Both gray wolf and ranchers have different benefits from tourism.

I have never seen the gray wolf in Taiwan. This is my first time to realize what gray wolf is. Actually, it is very incredible things that gray wolf could become a enemy of human and state. The gray wolf will become endangered animals because wolves attacked livestock and ranchers try to kill and protect their life. The DOW has to accept the working group who made 70 recommendations to reduce people killing the wolves. It might be take a longer period of time before we will have the authority to manage wolves. Many endangered animals live in Colorado that the government of Colorado should protect their wildlife very well. Until now, the government still work to protect the gray wolf and try to find the way to increase the amounts of gray wolf.

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Safe Passage for Gray Wolves


According this article, the author Susan said a female gray wolf was killed by vehicle traffic when this gray wolf try to cross Interstate 70 west. This is not the first time this happened in Colorado. From the statistical data, the deer, elk, black bears and so on (Twist, 04, para4), most of species animals were killed by vehicle traffic. When the gray wolf migrates to another state, they have to cross the Interstate 70. Highways almost become the grave of animal. The wolves who died on the Interstate 70. Highways almost become the grave of animal. The Transportation Department makes lots of method to avoid more and more animal’s death. First, they add lanes from the Denver to Eisenhower Tunnel. And they squeeze more lands of traffic into narrow valleys. However, it is not cheap for wildlife protection and lands of traffic into narrow valleys. However, it is not cheap for wildlife protection and this figure doesn’t count the value of human life and wildlife lost. Susan and her husband try to make descanso on a tragic death on the cross road where the soul lift the body. It is one of the methods to make driver to take care of all of the species animals in Colorado.

Susan Tweit, who wrote this article, said she was very worried about that more and more animals died in Colorado. Because she saw news about the female gray wolf cross the road was died by vehicle traffic. Before this news, she has already known much news about not only gray wolf but also many kind of animals were died by vehicle, especially the migration. This season was the death of top that you can see gray wolf was died on the road.
The Transportation Department added the lanes on the highway that could make more traffic the driver escape very quickly when they see gray wolf. But I don’t think it is the best ideas avoiding gray wolf. It would cost lots of money. On the highway, all drivers are driving in the high speed. They drive so quickly and don’t avoid the gray wolf immediately. When I went back to Carbondale on the highway, I saw many deer was killed by vehicle traffic. I couldn’t open my eyes to watch their bleeding. It would not happen in Taiwan because we have fence on both sides of highway.
Most of animals died at the zoo in Taiwan. Opposite, most of animals died on the highway in America. Highway becomes one of the graves for animal in America. I think The Transportation Department should make fence on both sides of highway. It could decrease the animal’s death on the highway. Adding lanes is not good idea that will make driver drives become more quickly. We could make some memorial where the animals died pretty much on the highway. It could be a warning when they drive these section of a highway, they should be very carefully.
Many endangered animals live in Colorado that the government of Colorado should protect their wildlife very well. To avoid these endangered animals die on the highway that the government should think about how to deal with traffic problems. And the driver should drive very carefully when they drive at high-speed.

Tweit, s. (2004 DEC.19). “Safe passage for gray wolves.” The Denver Post, pg E-04.

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Pollutant would influence the Mountain Habitats

Summary/Reponse #1

All of the elements should be balanced in ecosystem if those are too much amounts could affect our environment. According this article, nitrogen is not necessary too much in the environment. FORT scientists have found out the nitrate form of nitrogen and too much in some national parks. The plants would be influenced by high concentrations of nitrate. Nitrogen oxides and ammonia and put off from the automobiles or plants. They will become the smog and rain to affect people’s health. FORT scientists found the concentrations of nitrogen in national parks that nitrogen will become acid rain to affect the plants. Increase the green alga growth is one of the worst ways to solve the acid rain. The scientists plan how to solve the nitrogen pollution in the Park and to make the forests lack of the pollution.

In recent years, air pollution is getting more serious, obviously, the ecosystem change very quickly, especially the ice in the South Pole is melting. It could be like a big bomb to affect our environment. According to this article, too much elements like nitrogen could influence our environment. According to this article, too much elements like nitrogen could influence our environment. It is sort of the air pollution. It might be from the automobile to become the smog. The smog could become the acid rain to influence the ecosystem’s health and people’s health.
The scientists have been planed how to solve this problems for many years. One of the ways is to plant lots of trees and alga growth. The green plant could make more oxygen and maintain our environment. Some inventor will invent the new oil what plus new elements. It couldn’t release the bad elements into the atmosphere to endanger people’s and ecosystem’s health again. To protect our earth is our responsibility.

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Why is china growing so slowly?

Martin, W. (2005, Feb/Jan). Why is china growing so slowly. Foreign Policy, (146), 50.

China’s ample opportunities and investment have attracted some big enterprises and it wants to join this big competitive market. It looks like the economy would grow very quickly in China. China possesses lots of advantages and it does not compare with other countries in Asia. For example, cheap labor and higher-productivity manufacturing have become the biggest attraction in Asia. In fact, China’s per capita GDP isn’t record-breaking like other countries, like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It is very incredible that China’s economic growth is slower than other countries in Asia. China’s economy is instable and has more bad loans especially the disparity between the rich and the poor. The government should make more regulations for the economy and it might grow quickly in the future.

China has a large-scale market, huge opportunity, cheap labor and higher population density to attract more and more foreign companies who would like investment in China. For example, Taiwanese businessman set up factory building in China but it is too small-scale a market and is economic only unstable to make businessmen move out in Taiwan. This article told about China’s GDP growing very slowly even if there are many investments. I think China’s economy is unstable. Many cities distribute over in China and each city had a different the living standard. I have heard some news about a large-scale poverty gap. The rich men are getting wealthy, but poor people are getting poorer. China’s economy will become more instable. The government legislates against investment for foreign companies, and limits some regulations to avoid foreign companies are controlling China’s economy. China is afraid of the foreign companies who will control them. I don’t think it is a good idea to prohibit the foreign companies. China should give them more chances to make foreign companies would like to invest in them. Because it is just another way to limit China’s economy grow.

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Kansas voters overwhelmingly approve gay marriage ban

My article is about “Gay marriage is forbidden in the U.S.” Kansas voters overwhelmingly legislate for gay marriage ban. Most Americans believe in Christianity. According to the Bible, marriage is only between a man and a woman. If the marriage is same-sex, the human being will become more complicated and it would also obscure basic values which belong to the common inheritance of humanity. Most states have approved a constitutional gay marriage ban, and other states would approve this event continually. But, the government ban on same-sex marriage is discrimination and is illegal under the Human Rights Act.

Interview about "Disagree Gay Marriage"

Today, I interviewed a friend who is a 24-year-old man and disagrees with gay marriage. He has no idea about how some people become gay or lesbian. But he guesses the reason that makes people become gay is nature. And gays aren’t different from normal people. The biggest different things are that some men have feminine behavior, some women have masculine behavior, and they fall in love with same-sex. But my friend doesn’t think the government should agree to gay marriage. It does not allow breaking the natural rules when the same-sex get married. And he can’t accept the gay marriage because it does not support natural reproduction. But he has some gay friends; if they get married one day, he still will give them best wishes.

In my opinion, I could accept gay marriage, even if they break the tradition that the marriage only consists of a man and a woman. But gays have the right to get together with their lover. In America, Vermont allows same-sex civil unions, and Massachusetts’ top court is set to rule on the issue soon. Nowadays, more people could accept gay marriage, not including some elder people. The religion still makes the elder people think it is not allowed. It is a hard-time job to make them accept gay marriage.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


To reveal that women worldwide earn less than men. The men earn more money than women in comparable jobs with comparable responsibility. The majority of men and women still work in sex-segregated job, especially of traditional company is very obviously. Oppositely, the west enterprise thinks the sexual equality no matter what male or female, they could get same wages. Family is the most important that make women to give up their current job. The most of women still work to take care of their family although their wages less than men. Even if women’s educational background as the same as men, or higher than men, their wages still couldn’t compare with men. As women strive to achieve, equality in the workplace, the wages that measure their progress move slowly. It is a well-documented fact that there is still a gap between men’s and women’s earnings and this is only one area where women’s rights are being jeopardized. Nowadays, women continue to battle employers over equal pay for equal work

Why women have to take care of children and chore? Doesn’t men need any responsible for family? This article reveals that women worldwide earn less than men. I think there are some reasons that women earn less than men. First, pay discrimination, women with equal or better education earn less than men and there are proportionately fewer women in top management positions. Second, glass ceilings, advancement in the workplace is oftentimes hindered by artificial barriers. Women must take personal-responsibility for their own career progress. When women compete with men in higher position, the boss always choose men first. Unless you have more the highest ability than men, you will loss this game. Third, pregnancy and family leave, while women have pregnancy, the employer will request quit, still have job no wages, and so on. It is so unfair for women. Why women has to get so discrimination, even if it is the sexual equality now. More and more women content with the government which hope them could take sex-segregated seriously.

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Weight control is the most important thing that successful weight losers maintained their current body. In fact, every woman wants to have slim stature and keep their body more emotionally. From the research, there are lots of methods about weight loss, like exercise, food and drink to count calories everyday. Some people will choose diet drugs, which is so easy to weight loss and cause diseases. Majority of the women choose to do exercise, like swimming and walking, because it doesn’t cost a lot and helpful for the health. The professors also recommend that exercise is very good for everyone to get lose weight. The most of people get more self-confidence when they become successful weight loser. It is kinds of pretty experiences for every woman.

Healthy is the most important for everyone, especially of weight loss. Every woman likes to become beautiful, so am I. I agree with this article. The woman always worried about their body and weight if they eat too much fast food include too much oil. There are lots of products of weight-loss in the market to attract the woman who want to become more beautiful. The professors said used too much diet drugs would cause some diseases. The best method of weight-loss is exercise, like walking, swimming, aerobics and so on. Each exercise would develop every part of your physical. For example, walking can reduce your surplus flesh of thighs and lift your butt. It will make your body looks like very slimmer. When you are reducing your weight, you have to tell yourself “Don’t give up.” It is warning to avoid eating any snack or something make change in your body. When you become successful weight loss loser, your heart will fill in self-confidence. Then, every day is a wonderful day for every woman.